Auto Industry ( Automobile, Motobike, Railway)

Recently, the technology in auto industrial is improving faster and faster. Techniques such as automaton and car weight reduction are being used widely. At the same time, car parts made from plastic are being widely developed. Our company's precise manufactured lathe products were and are being used in those trends

Energy / Infrastructure

Nowadays, the infrastructure, which uses technologies such as renewable energy, smart grid and energy-saving devices, is widely applied and developed day by day.

Because of that, Haga MF Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd.'s products, such as Insert Nut, Clinching fastener, Ultraprecise Lathed Metal Manufacturing Products, is used in smart meter, gas meter, bus bar, power conditioner for solar power generator.

Manufacturing / Facilities

Haga MF Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd.'s Insert nut, clinching fastener products is genenal used in many kinds of manufacturing machine and robot in Japan's manufacturor.

Our products is used in machining center, NC manufacturing machine, Servomotor, Inverter etc.

Smart Phone/ Mobile Phone

In today's world, although smartphone manufacturer has a priority on design and feature, other components that provided water and shock resistant also need to have good quality. Also, their size need to be minimize as much as possible and able to manufactured in large quantities in a short time to meet the mass production requirement.


Haga MF Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd.'s products also being used to product gambling, poker or game machine. The clients use our products such as Insert nut, Clinching fastener or Ultra-precise cutting products in order to manufacture main part and chassis of these entertaining machine.

Communication and Medical Device Components

Our company's metal place and chassis products are being regularly applied in Communication and Medical Device Components Manufacturor.

Beside of providing variaty products for Japan domestic market, we also provide the custom-build and technology follow services for oversea customers.