Tapinsert (Press-In Inserts)
This insert nut is slighly striked by handle pressing machine or hammer, which make it more suitable for quick mounting. Beside that,this part also have a high efficiency of strength, by using bolt-screwing technology,

Major Insertion Methods Press-In Inserts(insert by using handpress machine)
Material Brass (C3604)
Plastic Thermoplastics (thermoset plastics for some situation)

■ Features
  • Easily mounting
  • Suitable for any kind of complicated work
  • Special tool unnecessary
  • Full compliance with RoHS Directive

■ Dimensions
Dimensional Drawing

Part Number Thread and Pitch A B C Pilot Hole Dimension
on Plastic
TS3.7-M2-4.0 M2×0.4 3.71 4.00 (3.10) φ3.2
TS4.5-M2.5-5.8 M2.5×0.45 4.50 5.80 (3.90) φ4.0
TS4.5-M3-5.8 M3×0.5 4.50 5.80 (3.90) φ4.0
TS6.2-M4-8.2 M4×0.7 6.15 8.20 (5.50) φ5.6
TS6.9-M5-9.5 M5×0.8 6.90 9.50 (6.30) φ6.4
TS8.5-M6-12.7 M6×1.0 8.51 12.70 (7.90) φ8.0

※Standard parts Unit.mm

■ Tapsert Performance data (Reference)
Part Number ABS
Pull-out (N) Torque-out(N・m)
TS3.7-M2-4.0 658 0.87
TS4.5-M2.5-5.8 1,030 1.57
TS4.5-M3-5.8 1,021 2.18
TS6.2-M4-8.2 1,814 4.98
TS6.9-M5-9.5 2,215 8.31
TS8.5-M6-12.7 1,928 17.58

※The data above are experimental results obtained by Micro Fasteners. They are not a guarantee of the strength of our products.
  1N≒0.098kgf  1N-m≒9.8kgf-cm

  • Please use the screw longer than the over-all length of insert (Dimension B)
  • When inserts are tightened by screws, choose the screw length so that screws do not reach the bottom of insert pilot holes.
  • When finish screw insert, please mount the torgue in order to screw Tapsert out.
  • The diameter of the pilot hole for the mounting object should be smaller  than the outer diameter of the insert (Dimension A).
  • Products shape could have some difference due to part number.
  • Be careful when using a Tapsert with a thermo-setting resin. threading the part will be tight, depending on the diameter of the pilot hole that is selected.
  • Pilot hole diameters are for reference only.
  • The diameter should be determined by testing before use.
  • Please contact us if you need Pb-free material for environmental reasons.
  • The specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Please contact us if you have any other questions.