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Insert Nuts For Plastic

        These products are mainly used for tightening by screws and are inserted into a plastic molded part. The shape and insertion method depend on the molding material such as thermoplastic and thermoset plastic and the strength required. All of our products are manufactured in both domestic and overseas , thus ensuring high quality and a rapid response.

       Haga MF Precision (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a factory for manufacturing bolts, screws, bolts, manufacturing nuts, wholesale nuts, nut factories, manufactured in all types

Clinching Fasteners

        This family of products with excellent reliability and workability provides rugged strength simply by making a pilot hole on sheet metal and inserting a fastener into the hole.

        Made-to-order products which are inserted into stainless-steel sheets (SUS304 and others) and thin plates more than 0.3 mm thick are now attracting particular attention.

CNC Precision Automatic Lathe Products

        We promise to supply all products fast, even if you are only requesting one piece. Using our cutting-edge facilities we can process materials up to 3000 x 1000 x o350 in size, with a quality that satisfies our customers completely.