Insert Nuts For Plastic

        These products are mainly used for tightening by screws and are inserted into a plastic molded part. The shape and insertion method depend on the molding material such as thermoplastic and thermoset plastic and the strength required. All of our products are manufactured in both domestic and overseas , thus ensuring high quality and a rapid response.

Please choose the insert nut used for different kind of plastic below
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Headed Catchsert (Common use for Press-In Inserts and Heat Staking Inserts)

This insert nut provides a larger contact area for mounting objects and advantageous 
for locations where bolts are frequently detached such as terminals.

Catchsert (Common use for Press-In Inserts and Heat Staking Inserts)

This insert nut has knurling in the same direction diagonally and is excellent work efficiency 
from the symmetric design without orientation
A wide variety of size selection enhances convenience.

SG Lock (Heat Staking Inserts)

        Knurling in alternate directions provides high tensile and torque strengths. This most versatile insert nut has a guide on the insertion part, which supports the temporarily placed insert and ensures easy and vertical insertion.

Microsert (Heat Staking Inserts)

        Knurling in alternate directions provides high tensile and torque strengths. The symmetric design without orientation increases productivity and is advantageous for automatic machinery.

Knife Lock (Press-In Inserts)

        This insert nut has knurling in the same direction and is mainly used for thermoset plastics.

        With the heat insertion, the unidirectional knurling reduces stress on plastics. This is particularly advantageous, for example, when there is not enough clearance from the edge of the boss.

Web Lock (Heat Staking Inserts)

        It has a knurled shape to prevent imposing stress on plastics and is mainly used for polycarbonate materials. And, as the insert nut has left-right symmetry you do not need to worry about its direction. This will greatly increase productivity, even when using automatic machines.

Tapinsert (Press-In Inserts)

        This insert nut is slighly striked by handle pressing machine and hammer, which make it more suitable for quick mounting. Beside that,this part also have a high efficiency of strength, by using bolt-screwing technology .

Quality Lock (Mold-in Inserts)

        This is a revolutionary type of insert nut with a square groove in the middle. Compared with conventional inserts with diamond-shaped knurling, the strength is significantly increased.

        No cutting dust is generated, thus improving the quality.

Made-to-order product

        Beside the listed product, our company also provide the produced on order service in order to meet the demand of customers. Please contact us if your company need a contribution for technology design and examination; prevent or solve your problem in work.