Clinching Fasteners

        This family of products with excellent reliability and workability provides rugged strength simply by making a pilot hole on sheet metal and inserting a fastener into the hole.

        Made-to-order products which are inserted into stainless-steel sheets (SUS304 and others) and thin plates more than 0.3 mm thick are now attracting particular attention.

Self Clinching Spacer

        This highly reliable, widely-used common spacer provides easy insertion and ensures high strength.

MF Spacer

        This spacer can be inserted from above a plate. It has a suitable shape for a simple circuit board support.

Self Clinching Studs

        These studs are easily mounted only by press-inserting into a thin plate. The backside of the plate is flat and the screw is inserted vertically.

Self Clinching Nuts

        This common-shape nut can be mounted on a thin plate where a screw cannot be inserted and also on aluminum and treated steel plates on which nut welding is difficult.

MF Nuts

        This hexagonal clinching nut is suitable for thin treated steel plates and aluminum plates. A pilot hole guide on a nut holds the nut stably and ensures easy mounting.

Self Clinching Blind Nuts

        This non-penetrating nut has a sack-like form on the backside and is ideal for ensuring air tightness.

Self Clinching Flush Nuts

        This thin stainless steel nut is easily mounted on a thin plate. It is inserted within the plate thickness and provides an even finish without bumps on either side of the plate.

Self Clinching Miniature Nuts

        This space-saving, stainless steel nut provides an even finish and is suitable for aluminum plates on which nut welding is difficult.

Clinching Broaching Nuts (for plastics and flexible materials)

        This nut is inserted into a printed circuit board and other flexible materials.

Clinching Broaching Spacer (for plastics and flexible materials)

        The spacer is inserted into a printed circuit board and plastic material.

Self Clinching Floating Nuts

        This component has an internal nut which moves to correct misalignment during mounting.