Web Lock (Insert nut สำหรับอุดหลังจากสวมอัดด้วยความร้อน)
It has a knurled shape to prevent imposing stress on plastics and is mainly used for polycarbonate materials. And, as the insert nut has left-right symmetry you do not need to worry about its direction. This will greatly increase productivity, even when using automatic machines.

Major insertion method Heat Staking Insertion, ultrasonic insertion, and High-frequency insertion
Material Brass (C3604)
Resin Thermoplastic resin (mainly polycarbonate)

■ Features
  • Knurled shape that matches the polycarbonate parts
  • It has a guide that makes it easy to insert by hand.
  • Suitable for use in automatic feeders and parts feeders
  • Full compliance with RoHS directive
■ Dimensions
Dimensional drawings

Part number Thread and Pitch A B C Pilot hole diameter
in plastic
WL3.5-M2-3.9 M2×0.4 3.50 3.90 3.10 φ3.2
WL4.4-M2.5-5.7 M2.5×0.45 4.40 5.70 3.91 φ4.0
WL4.4-M3-5.7 M3×0.5 4.40 5.70 3.91 φ4.0
WL6.0-M4-8.1 M4×0.7 6.00 8.10 5.54 φ5.6

※Standard parts  Unit.mm

■ Web lock Performance data (Reference)
Part number PC
Pull-out (N) Torque-out (N-m)
WL3.5-M2-3.9 734 1.30
WL4.4-M2.5-5.7 1,209 2.90
WL4.4-M3-5.7 1,111 3.36
WL6.0-M4-8.1 1,566 6.78

※The data above are experimental results obtained by Micro Fasteners. They are not a guarantee of the strength of our products.
  1N≒0.098kgf  1N-m≒9.8kgf-cm
  • Please contact us if you need Pb-free material for environmental reasons.
  • Pilot hole diameters are for reference only. The diameter should be determined by conducting tests before use.
  • The diameter of the pilot hole for the mounting object should be smaller than the outer diameter of the insert (Dimension C).
  • When inserts are tightened with screws, choose the screw length so that the screws do not reach the bottom of the insert pilot holes.
  • The Weblock is designed for use with fragile materials (usually polycarbonate) that may easily crack due to residual stress. However, this does not mean we guarantee a crack free design.
  • The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Please contact us if you have any other questions.