Quality Lock (Insert nut สำหรับฉีดขึ้นรูปพร้อมกัน)
This is a revolutionary type of insert nut with a square groove in the middle.
Compared with conventional inserts with diamond knurling, the strength is significantly increased.
No cutting dust is generated, thus improving the quality.

Major Insertion Method Mold-in Insertion
Material Brass (C3604), Aluminum Alloy (made-to-order)

■ Features
  • Revolutionary type of insert with a square groove in the middle
  • In favourable conditions, the strength of this product will be doubled more than the strength of conventional inserts with diamond-shaped knurling
  • Non-orientation design for higher productivity and workability
  • No cutting dust is generated even during transportation, thus improving quality
  • Full compliance with RoHS Directive

■ Dimensions
Dimensional Drawing Three-dimensional Drawing

Part Number Thread and Pitch A B Hole size before
QL-M2-3.0 M2×0.4 3.20 3.00 min 1.567 max 1.679
QL-M2-4.0 M2×0.4 3.20 4.00 min 1.567 max 1.679
QL-M3-3.0 M3×0.5 5.00 3.00 min 2.459 max 2.599
QL-M3-4.0 M3×0.5 5.00 4.00 min 2.459 max 2.599
QL-M3-5.0 M3×0.5 5.00 5.00 min 2.459 max 2.599
QL-M4-4.0 M4×0.7 6.50 4.00 min 3.242 max 3.422
QL-M4-5.0 M4×0.7 6.50 5.00 min 3.242 max 3.422
※ Standard parts    Unit.mm

■ Quality Lock Performance (Reference)
Size Pull-out(N) Jack Torque(N・m) Plastics
QL-M2-3.0 620 0.41 ABS
Diamond Knurling M2
(Length: 3.0 mm)
520 0.29 ABS
QL-M3-3.0 1,008 1.22 ABS
Diamond Knurling M3
(Length: 3.0 mm)
810 0.91 ABS
QL-M4-5.0 2,010 2.61 ABS
Diamond Knurling M5
(Length: 5.0 mm)
1,100 1.28 ABS
※ The strength largely depends on the plastic to be used. It should be tested in advance.

  • Headed inserts are also available.
  • Please contact us if you need Pb-free material for environmental reasons.
  • Choose the die pin diameter based on the dimension of the hole size before threading.
  • The diameter of the pilot hole for the mounting object should be smaller than the outer diameter of the insert (Dimension A) if possible.
  • When inserts are tightened by screws, choose the screw length so that screws do not reach the bottom of insert pilot holes.
  • The specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Please contact us if you have any other questions.